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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Business Improvement Core Services
The TMG Performance Improvement track is often the first step TMG and its partners take in maximizing the output of their current staff. Performance Improvement initiatives often form the base for partners to move on to the more advanced methods found in TMG’s Performance Excellence programs.

Benchmarking Analysis
Team Stability Snapshot
Goal Alignment
Leader Development
Increasing Team Engagement
On Boarding
Skills Development
Performance Improvement Training
Partners who have a stable workforce and strong leadership, or who obtain a stable workforce and strong leadership through the use of Performance Improvement initiatives, often undertake many of TMG’s Performance Excellence initiatives; which are focused on more advanced methodologies such as:

Lean Six Sigma
First Line Leader
Basic Problem Solving
Basic Facilitation
Customized Electronic Services
Although many of TMG’s Performance Improvement and Performance Excellence programs include customized electronic services, TMG also provides discrete products/services that are customized to meet your business needs. Although the possibilities are endless, typical services include Production Skills Training Modules, Leader Development Modules, and Realistic Job Previews.

Production Skills Training Modules
Leader Development Modules
Realistic Job Previews
Leadership Training
OSHA Training
Mobile Apps