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Job Description:

Job Description:
Essential Job Functions:
Vehicle/power generation maintenance trainer shall train their counterparts to possess the skills to independently conduct the following tasks: a. Service and repair equipment throughout its service life; provide the required equipment maintenance capability at appropriate levels throughout the maintenance system; routinely perform PMCS; develop a system to maintain their own internal equipment; sustain operations by maximizing use of maintenance equipment availability to the unit; repair equipment forward to enhance the ability to quickly return the maximum number of combat systems, at the earliest opportunity, as close to the using unit as possible; limit forward repair capability in the current support structure to dictate the necessity to rapidly recover and evacuate inoperable or damaged equipment; develop recovery, repair and evacuation procedures with maintenance contact and forward support teams created from organic assets; anticipate future requirements allowing rapid and accurate prepositioning of maintenance support capabilities; foresee future operations and identify, accumulate, and maintain the assets, capabilities, and information required to support them b. Perform PMCS on: M1152/M1151/M1154(TM 9-2320-387-10); Ford Ranger (Ford Ranger Operators Manual), International 7 Ton (International Operators Manual); JGL Forklift (JGL Forklift Operators Manual); 5KW/10 KW Generator; Polaris ATV (Polaris ATV Operators Manual) and additional vehicle systems added to the Tashkil or issued to ANASOC. c. Train on the Three Levels of Maintenance (Decree 4.9, 2.3) d. Evacuate Equipment exceeding repair to next higher level (Decree 4.9, 5- e. Maintain an Manual or Automated MOD Form 2405 (Decree 4.9, 5-11.3.7) f. Prepare: MOD 63(Decree 4.9, 5-; MOD 14 (Decree 4.0,7-2); ANA Form 2404 (Decree 4.9, pg.97); MOD Form 2063 authorized Stockage (Decree 4.0, 7-6) g. Perform final inspection after all deficiencies are complete; perform BDAR (Decree 4.9,4-10); perform recovery operations; maintain historical records; establish motor pool library; manage key control (Decree 4.9, pg. 118); institute dispatch procedures (Decree 4.9,5-; Establish a PLL (Decree 4.9,; PLL Inventory (Decree 4.0, 7-6.b.1); complete and maintain MOD form 3318 Record of Demand (Decree 4.0,7-8); manage shop safety (Decree 4.9,13-1); prepare and update Deadline Report 2406 (Not in the ANA System); brief vehicle status to unit Commander; conduct scheduled services (Decree 4.9,5-; prepare MOD 64 for code out (Decree 4.9, 5- and pg.100); control substitution (Decree 4.9, 9-2); establish control substitution policy (Decree 4.9, 9-2 and SOP); manage TMDE (Decree 4.9, 8-1); manage tool room (DA Pam 710-2-1); establish tool room procedures (DA Pam 710-2-1); perform monthly inventories on tool boxes (AR 710-2); assign tool boxes to users (AR 710-2); manage tool boxes and tool room hand receipt (AR 710-2); establish waste oil point (Decree 4.6); manage POL products (Decree 4.6); establish POL inventory (Decree 4.6); Prepare and manage ANA Form 2401 h. Inspect, maintain, repair/replace the following: Brakes (091-63B-1323); Wheels and Tires Alignment (091-63B-1333); Internal Combustion Engine (091-63B-1300); Gear Hubs and Differentials (091-63B-1332/1351); Suspension and Steering Systems (091-63B-1334 or repair manual for appropriate vehicle); Batteries and Charging system (091-63B-1309/1314); Ignition System (091-63B-1311 or Appropriate repair manual); Clutch replacement for Rangers (Ranger Repair Manual Web Manager); Air Brake System (International Repair Manual /091-63B-1323/1329); Transmissions (091-63B-1316); Fuel injection System (091-63B-1300/1301); Basic electrical system (091-63B-1312); ATV Maintenance (Polaris Repair Operators/Repair Manual); Vehicle Cooling Systems (091-63B-1306); Transfer (091-63B-1318) i. Prepare ECOD (Decree 4.2,13-5); train PLL clerk (Decree 4.9, 6- j. Web Manager System: fill out automated MOD-14, MOD-63; manage Density Report; convert part number to NSN; manage "OR" rate; Manage SUPWON - Conducts training courses, both on-site and on-line, for the company's applications and systems to include lectures and hands-on sessions. - Works with applicable business unit/area to establish specifications of course, prerequisite skills and knowledge for trainees. Ensures that training courses address all levels of employee. Assists in the design and development of technical training programs and curriculums, both on-site and on-line, for employees on various software and/or hardware applications and systems.Researches and assists in writing technical and user manuals to support training. Works with engineering, technical support, and/or applicable area to ensure that material is accurate and reflects current product features. -Gathers, reviews and analyzes course evaluations to determine effectiveness of training sessions. Prepares recommendations and reports to senior level personnel and/or management. Implements approved revisions to course materials as necessary to improve training effectiveness. -Reviews, as requested, external training programs to determine feasibility of purchase as requested. Makes recommendations to management as appropriate.Remains informed of and maintain proficiency with applicable company products.Works with senior level personnel and business units/technical areas to conduct needs assessments to ensure training needs are met. Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor's degree or equivalent combination of education and experienceBachelor's degree in business administration, computer science, engineering or related field preferredFour or more years of technical training experienceExperience working with company software, systems, applications and network productsExperience working with communications practices, principles and procedures for both onsite and on-line presentations.Additional Qualifications: -
Two additional years of related training experienceShall have at least 5 years of experience in US military maintenance operations at Operational and Support levels of maintenance and motor pool operations, E7 or higher, has and maintains a HMMWV maintenance course certification, generator certifications, and military occupational specialty 52/63 series or service equivalentMust currently possess at a minimum an Interim security clearance and be able to obtain/maintain an active/valid US security clearance.Communication skills to write training manuals and proceduresPresentation skills to train and educate employees on technical material and applicationsInterpersonal skills for interacting with all levels of employees -Comprehension skills for understanding products and applying knowledge to presentationPersonal computer and business solutions software skillsAnalytical skillsOrganization and time management skillsAbility to prioritize and meet deadlinesAbility to maintain high level of confidentiality regarding employee informationAbility to work independently and as part of a teamAbility and desire to actively pursue learning opportunities in the technical/engineering and training fields -Ability to understand and apply federal, state and local changes to and/or new regulations/laws pertaining to human resourcesWillingness to travelMust be able to lift up to 50 lbs.Work Environment: - Office Environment Note: This job description describes the general nature of the duties and requirements of the job. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list or to limit the supervisor's ability to modify work assignments as appropriate.


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