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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: Kaplan University on Oct 17, 2017


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Job Description:

Job Description
The Financial Aid Officer is responsible for supporting students during pre?enrollment or continuous enrollment, student services center, or financial aid operations. Incumbents will primarily perform a specific processing function(s) associated with the accurate awarding, packaging, validation of eligibility, or disbursement of Title IV financial aid with emphasis on high?risk and complex processes.
Key Job Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
Exhibit consistent and accurate completion of Verification.
Exhibit consistent and accurate C Code resolution.
Ability to monitor and review FAO practices to ensure compliance of Title IV regulation and Kaplan policy.
May be responsible for specific high?risk student processes or segments such as Military or Concord Law School.
Manage complex financial aid issues and troubleshoot potential problems.
Review subsequent ISIR reports and resolve issues.
May manage the electronic processing of federal files, such as origination and disbursement files.
The above responsibilities may be shared among multiple team members or an assigned responsibility may be unique to a Financial Aid Officer.

Minimum job requirements:
A Bachelor's degree and knowledge of the following:
Eligibility requirements for military and non?military students
Requirements for resolution of C codes and verification completion,
Professional judgment indications and processing
Return of Title IV funds processing
Federal grants and loans eligibility
Federal student loans and private student loans eligibility
Cost of attendance components
Consequences of withdrawing from course(s) and/or the university,
Over award identification and resolution.

Education Level:

Bachelors degree or higher

Pay Rate:

Commensurate with experience

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Security Clearance:


Travel Requirements:


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