Senior Business Reengineering Analyst Pr1296

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: PE Systems on Feb 27, 2018


DC - Bolling AFB, DC

Job Description:

All areas of responsibility listedbelow are essential to the satisfactory performance of this position, withreasonable accommodation, if necessary.Work responsibilities may vary, depending upon assignment.
This positionsupports the SAFTAS II Programs.
This job is for experienced scientists in one of the technical,science or analytical fields, who has gained substantial experience in, but notlimited to, supporting large projects related to the individual subject matterexpertise. Relevant experience includes, but is not limited to, experience insupporting large projects related to the individual's subject matter expertise.These senior personnel are experts in a field of study andresearch, including, but not limited to physics, nuclear science, aerospace,advanced information processing, weapons science, intelligence, and with anumber of years of experience. Has some experience as leaders and Project Managers. Prepares and delivers presentations to colleagues, subordinates,and government representatives. Assures the proper use of current or requested programming,testing and documentation techniques. They produce and/or review substantive and/or complexdocumentation reflecting detailed knowledge of areas as identified in thestatement of work.Follow policies and procedures as described in corporate manualsand directives.Work independently while understanding the necessity forcommunicating and coordinating workefforts with other employees and organizations.
Establish and maintain effective professional workingrelationships with co-workers, and customers.
Follow policies andprocedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.Attend work each dayduring scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or time off.Perform occasional travelto contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).Work flexible hours, including occasional overtime if required.Must have positive, professional attitude, ability to work wellwith all levels of military, civilian employees and customers, locally andabroad.Must be able to manage a myriad of ongoing tasks in a sometimeshigh ops tempo environment, using best judgment and prioritizing workload inorder to meet expectations with quality and timeliness.Carry out other duties as assigned or requested.
Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, asrequired.Work is performed indoors with somepotential risks to safety and health hazards related to electronics.QUALIFICATIONS:
Recognized industry specialist with technical insight in multiple fields and disciplines. Complexity of work is state of the art and may be new to the company and to the industry. Serves as consultant to the business unit in long-range planning concerning new or projected areas of technological research and advancements. Is instrumental in attracting/obtaining major new business. Bachelor's (or equivalent) with 16+ years of experience or a Master's with 14+ years of experience. Must be competent in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access).Must be able to transport self tovarious facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a validdriver's license and proof of insurance.

Physical Skills And Abilities:
May require lifting up to 25 pounds.Requires visual acuity to use a keyboard and computer mouse.PESystems Inc., is an EqualOpportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants willreceive consideration for Employment without regard to race/ethnicity,color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation,gender identify, genetic information, marital status and disability (includingphysical or mental disability as well as pregnancy) veteran status or anyother status protected by Federal State or local law.

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