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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: PE Systems on Feb 27, 2018


Arlington, VA

Job Description:

All areas of responsibility listedbelow are essential to the satisfactory performance of this position, withreasonable accommodation, if necessary.Work responsibilities may vary, depending upon assignment.
Provide support for EW, ATP, AMRAAM, EA PUP & MALD-J. Support Headquarters Air Force (HAF) budget preparation and defense, SAE oversight and decision-making activities, PEO program execution and oversight efforts of aircraft platforms. Maintain and analyze planning, scheduling, and management data. Study, analyze, and provide recommendations on requirements, acquisition strategies, program documentation, program phase transition plans, supplemental information, and program execution. Provide honest broker assessments of programs approaching milestone decisions and of prime contractor technical and operational issues. Research and analyze program trends, identify issues, and recommend solutions. Make recommendations on the allocation of funding, establishment of program goals, objectives, and schedules, and the formulation of program direction. Track for compliance with stated program direction and identify issues. Identify and research programmatic issues and tradeoffs in terms of required capabilities, costs, and schedules. Review and provide recommendations on existing and proposed Air Force acquisition and capability area policies and implementation. Review and evaluate the impact of national, DOD, JCS, and civil government policies and activities that affect Air Force acquisition programs and capability areas. Maintain historical Air Force weapon program documentation and develop summary documents/briefings and training material. Provide short notice, quick-reaction analyses of critical programmatic issues in the context of Congressional, OSD Staff, Joint Staff, HQ USAF, Major Air Command (MAJCOM), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), coalition, or bi-lateral activities. Prepare PPBE documentation to ensure they accurately articulate the current program. Support the HAF review process - Air Force Requirements Oversight Council (AFROCs), Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment (JWCAs), Defense Acquisition Boards (DABs), Congressional cycle, Acquisition Strategy Panels (ASPs), Air Force Review Board (AFRBs), Configuration Steering Board (CSB), Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports, etc. Perform the Secretariat function for ASPs, AFRBs, and CSBs. Review and document Mandatory Declassification Review (MDR) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Review capability area analysis and compare current and programmed capabilities/scenarios to determine and clarify Air Force weapon system acquisition requirements. Monitor on-going studies, analyses, and developmental work relevant to weapon systems. Support program-specific efforts like Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development, Capability Development Documents (CDD), Capability Production Documents (CPD), Information Exchange Requirements (IER), and requirements working groups. Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts withother employees and organizations.
Establish and maintain effectiveprofessional working relationships with co-workers, and customers.
Follow policies and procedures as described in corporate manualsand directives.Attend work each day during scheduled work hours unless onapproved travel or time off.Perform occasional travel to contractor and customer sites, asrequired (see WORKING CONDITIONS below).
Work flexible hours, including occasional overtime. Carry out other duties as may be assigned or requested.
Work is performed indoors at SAFTAS II with some potential risksto safety and health hazards related toelectronics.
Travel to CONUS locations may be required.QUALIFICATIONS:
Position requires 10 years of relevant acquisition or operational experience in government or industry. A relevant Master's Degree and appropriate DAWIA II or III level or equivalent certification is required. Must have either at least 5 years' experience working on or directly supporting nuclear weapons development, operations, or sustainment and a deep familiarity with the nuclear surety process; OR have at least 5 years' experience working on Air Force fighter programs, with participation in technology development, requirements determination, acquisition or test programs, and at least 5 years' experience working on or directly supporting advanced technology efforts involving the integration of new capabilities into combat platforms. Positions require specific experiences either in legacy fighters such as the F-15, F-16, F-16 MNFP, and A-10 as well as fifth-generation aircraft like the F-22 and F-35. Advanced Technology development experience is highly desired. The experience may also encompass the entirety of AF munitions procurements to include weapons and their support systems currently used such as Joint Directed Attack Munition (JDAM), Small Diameter Bomb, AMRAAM, Aim 9X, HARM, HTS, JASSM, MOP and Hellfire missiles. Finally, the Global Power portfolio captures the AF investments in the nuclear TRIAD requiring contractor experience to include legacy bombers (B-52, B-1, B-2) and modernized ICBMs like the Minuteman III Mods, ICBM fuses, GBSD, ICBM Dem/Val and Cruise Missiles. Must be competent in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access).Must be able to transport self tovarious facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess a validdriver's license and proof of insurance.

Physical SkillsAnd Abilities:
May require lifting up to 25 pounds.Requires visual acuity to use a keyboard and computer mouse.
PESystems Inc., is an EqualOpportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants willreceive consideration for Employment without regard to race/ethnicity,color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation,gender identify, genetic information, marital status and disability (includingphysical or mental disability as well as pregnancy) veteran status or anyother status protected by Federal State or local law.

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