Kmi Field Service Engineer, Sme 1 Pr1280

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Posted by: PE Systems on Feb 27, 2018


Norfolk, VA

Job Description:

All areas ofresponsibility listed below are essential to the satisfactory performance ofthis position, with reasonable accommodation, if necessary. Expected performance is at the SME 1 Level –expert in many of the areas identified below. Recognized expert who hasdemonstrated industry and public service leadership in relevant technicalfield. Availability of position iscontingent upon Contract Award.
Operational Requirements
Possessthe required baseline NAVY or NSA Key Management Infrastructure (KMI)Operational Account Manager (KOAM) training to support the below KMI equipmentrequirement. Such systems include, at a minimum:
ClientPlatform Administrator (CPA)
ClientPlatform Security Officer (CPSO)
DeviceRegistration Manager (DRM)
PersonnelLocal Type 1 Registration Authority (PLT1RA)
DeviceLocal Type 1 Registration Authority (DLT1RA)
Demonstrateexpertise supporting Crypto and Key Management training, integration, andinstallation. Such programs requirementsand initiatives include, at a minimum the capability and expertise to support:
ElectronicKey Management System (EKMS) and KMI transition.
KMIuser training.
KeyManagement technical support.
KIV7M installations, and In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) support.
Test and Evaluation
Preparereports, plans, summaries and briefings in support of Crypto and KM testevents.
Participatein Test and Evaluation (T&E) Working Integrated Product Team (WIPT) meetings.
ReviewCrypto and KM capability deliveries against Capability Development Documents(CDD) and Capability Production Documents (CPD) to ensure system performance isin scope with Key Performance Parameters (KPP).
Supportthe prioritization of Crypto and KM capabilities in support of the Departmentof the Navy (DoN) performance requirements.
Provideinput during capability reviews in support of the identification of softwarecomponents which do not support the desired developmental outcome.
Supportthe engineering effort required to prepare and assure that the detailedtechnical data documentation that is necessary to support system developmentreflects the latest design, configuration, integration, and installationconcepts.
\\Software Requirements
Responsiblefor leading software development efforts to define a software developmentapproach appropriate for the computer software effort to be performed undereach task.
Supportthe development of Crypto and KM Policy interactive courseware.
Provedsoftware engineering support for the development of Crypto and Key Managementproducts.
Developa software development plan and conduct developmental efforts in accordancewith stated plan.
Developa development schedule.
Developan integrated test schedule.
Providedevelopmental updates to previously developed Crypto and Key Managementsoftware products.
Developinteractive Black Key Training for Crypto and KM users.
Training Support
Supportthe development of the Navy Training Plan (NTSP).
Supportthe development of Crypto and KM course curriculums.
Developspecific tailored DoN Lessons which support naval policy and procedures.
Developinstructor and operator guides which provide a detailed breakdown of trainingmaterial.
Conducttrain the trainer in support of Crypto and KM formal schoolhouseimplementation.
SupportCrypto and KM course validation and verification (V&V) upon servicedelivery.
Supportthe mobile training capability of the Crypto and EKMS systems and subsystems.

Supportthe physical installation and delivery of Crypto and KM products.
ProvideEKMS to KMI transitions, KMI installations, KMI upgrades, EKMS installations,Intermediary Application (iApp) installations, Crypto devices, NCVI and newship and ship conversion (SCN) support for Crypto and KM.
Identifythe technical requirements.
Recommendthe best approach for performing the installation.
Identifythe various support elements required to complete the installation.
Developthe best procedures for end-to end installation.
Providea detailed milestone schedule for all installations contained with the SSCAtlantic fielding plan for Crypto and KM products in support of all activeinstallations.
Determineinterfaces required with installation site personnel including planning, stagingof equipment, site access, coordination of daily installation activities.
Overseethe installation. Analyze theinstallation process and its effectiveness.
Planfor and facilitate Government inspection of installation progress.
Recommendsolutions for resolving deficiencies identified during inspections.
Collectdata and determine if the installation is on schedule.
Provideinstallation status reports monthly prior to the install and weekly from 30days prior to the install until the installation in closed out.
Providetechnical installation of electronic systems and complete associated As-Builtdrawings.
Delivera proposed installation schedule, installation plan, recommended supportequipment, progress and any other reports.
InstallKMI on new construction Naval Platforms and Submarines.
ConductSystem Operational Verification Test (SOVT) on all conducted installations.
Supportthe installation of formal Naval schoolhouses.
ProvideKIV 7M Initial Fielding support services in support of modern C4ISR systemsassembled components/subsystems, which includes Tactical Variant Switched (TVS)or Multi Circuit Patch Panels (MCPP), Digital Modular Radios (DMR) or WSC-3,MD1324s or TD1271s, Naval Modular Automated Communications Systems (NAVMACS),Tomahawk Strike Network (TSN), Satellite Tactical Digital Information Link (STADIL J), Extreme High Frequency Medium Data Rate/Low Data Rate (EHF MDR/LDR),Fleet Broadcast, and Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA)/Non-DAMA SatelliteCommunications (SATCOM).
Supportthe development of SPEG compliant system and platform SOVTs in support ofinstallations.
Developand perform technical insertions and risk reduction strategies, studies andrecommendations to mitigate identified risk conditions.
Establishand maintain effective professional working relationships with co-workers, andcustomers.
Followpolicies and procedures as described in corporate manuals and directives.
Attendwork each day during scheduled work hours unless on approved travel or timeoff.
Performoccasional travel to contractor and customer sites, as required (see WORKINGCONDITIONS below).
Workflexible hours, including occasional overtime.
Carryout other duties as may be assigned or requested.

Some Travel may be required
Work is performed indoors with some potential risksto safety and health hazards related to electronics

Technical Training in the field directly relevantto the task performed.
Minimum four (4) years' of hands on experience whichmust include at least 3 of the 5 areas stated above in the description.

Must have a DoD Secret Clearance.
Must be proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Applications (Outlook,Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Must be ableto transport self to various facility sites, as required. If using own motor vehicle, must possess avalid driver's license and proof of insurance.

Physical Skills and Abilities:
Mayrequire lifting up to 25 pounds.
Requiresvisual acuity to use a keyboard.

PESystems Inc., is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative ActionEmployer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for Employmentwithout regard to race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, national origin,ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender identify, genetic information,marital status and disability (including physical or mental disability as wellas pregnancy) veteran status or any other status protected by Federal State orlocal law.

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