Axiologic Solutions Public Profile

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Axiologic Solutions is founded by former and retired military professionals to serve the needs of the nation by bringing efficiency and effectiveness to organizational leadership, program and project management and overall mission requirements and performance. Axiologic puts a premium on extensive experience in the military and government environments.

Axiologic Solutions is currently supporting and advising the intelligence community in their IT program and project management. We currently are helping to develop IT solutions that will optimize the current and future infrastructure and improve efficiencies by utilizing economies of scale and working with cutting edge technology to ensure solutions developed meet industry standards.

Currently all employees have military experience, most have at least one technical postgraduate degree, and Top Secret security clearances. We provide extensive expertise in the following areas:

Strategic Planning;
Systems Engineering;
Risk Management;
Acquisition Support;
Information Assurance;
Project & Program Management;
Six Sigma Analysis;
and, Web Project Management & Strategy.