Cyber Security Assessment Analyst

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: OASIS Systems on May 23, 2019


Niceville, FL

Job Description:


Provide cyber security and networking support to the 96th Operations Support Squadron (96 OSS), which is located at Eglin AFB, FL.


Bachelor's degree and 10 years of experience Significant experience in A&A packages, ATOs, and maintaining standalone computer systems highly desiredAbility to work with diverse group of people, handling multiple projects at once, with attention-to-detailMust have an active US security clearanceStrong writing and communication skills required


Provide support in areas of Cybersecurity, Functional Systems Administrator and/or Client Support Administrator.Perform initial and recurring Assessment and Authorization of systems or networks at the appropriate protection level.Produce, maintain, and revise the Cybersecurity Operating Procedures, Systems Security Plans, Hardware and Software lists, and maintain Approval to Operate documentation in eMASS.Provide support for the Cybersecurity program including the performance of TEMPEST duties assisting with and monitoring the organizations TEMPEST program.Perform duties as primary or alternate Information Technology Equipment (ITE) custodian and perform duties as required for the proper destruction of hard drives and disposal of ITE assets.Provide support to the Software Management Program, ensuring all non-standard desktop applications and software are listed on the Air Force and Eglin approved software lists.Ensure servers, workstations, peripherals, communication devices and software are on-line and supported.Install and maintain standard desktop configurations on all computer systems.Support and maintain printers.Assist with Microsoft productivity software.Computer configuration, software installation and troubleshooting all hardware and software issues.IP management utilizing Enterprise Shared Data Intranet (ESDI) and Active directory, desktop configuration management, software installation and user account management.Troubleshooting and resolving VPN and remote desktop connectivity issues.Ensure compliance with Time Critical Network orders and Base Vulnerability scans on both Eglin NIPRNET and SIPRNET computer systems by performing timely installation of security patches.Assist in determining equipment and software requirements to satisfy mission requirements.Assist with updates and run clean-up on unused or damaged computersAssist in performing updates for all major software releases on all computersInstall, maintain and troubleshoot organizations mobile devices

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