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Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: Newport News Shipbuilding (a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries) on Sep 10, 2019


Newport News, VA

Job Description:

The Space Arrangement Lead (or Space Lead) is an individual (Senior Designer, Engineering Designer) assigned to monitor the spatial development of a portion of the ship\u0027s arrangement. He/She will ensure the design zones under his/her cognizance are on schedule and within budget, that all disciplines are aware of their responsibilities, and that the spatial requirements of the ship are met. Note: The role of Space Arrangement Lead is used in the Platform design efforts only. See Area Team Lead, for similar roles/responsibilities performed on the Propulsion Plant design efforts.
Coordinates design zone interfaces with other space arrangement leads.
Coordinates and arbitrates the resolution of arrangement problems that cannot be resolved between system compositors.
Monitors the development of their assigned design zones and provides compositors direction for modifications required to optimize the space arrangement and meet spatial requirements.
Ensures all spatial requirements, such as design clearances, are the level required for exiting each phase of design development in accordance with schedule and budget constraints.
Provides roll-up status of the development of assigned design zones to the space management organization.
Develops presentations and/or packages required to validate space arrangement, including NAVSEA validation.
Ensures that all design discipline arrangements are matured on the same schedule within the design zone to prevent rework.

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